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Trust Life a Bit More...

Veronika Polaskova


We can dream about a million of things and create a “master plan” how we will help the dreams to unfold but life doesn’t always like to follow a plan…it seems it likes to choose its own way…and many times it may be for our own good, even if it may not always feel that way…

Last night I looked at what I wrote at the beginning of the year about what I wanted to experience, achieve, how I would like to feel and you know all these amazing things when you put them down on a piece of paper, they become this pact between you and your future you, the “promise” that it will all happen that way…when I was working through the workbook “My Shining Year 2018” by Leonie Dawson in January, one of the questions was, “What do you most want to experience 2018 as?” And I wrote down, “As a year of grace - ease and lightness.” To feel like I am flowing with life, that I find it easy to tune in, that I am true and compassionate to myself and I feel kind, loving and generous towards experiences and people I meet on my path. Well, to make it short, the last few months didn’t really seem that graceful and easy…I still hope I have been a kind and loving person but I didn’t feel light in my decisions and I missed a lot of energy for things I wanted to do…

And while it hasn’t been a flowing journey all the time last few months, maybe life was just offering me a more genuine and wholesome experience…maybe it was a gift from life in the end, showing me what I really needed so that I could grow as a person…I thought I needed lightness and ease but maybe I needed to learn to be more resilient and more flexible first 🙏

So whenever you feel that life doesn’t follow the path you want to walk, it may just be that it has taken you onto a side path for a while so that you can gain new "skills", learn something doesn't mean you can't achieve your dreams, everything has its right time and it might be easier now...

I think in the end we just need to trust life a bit more that it will look after us and take us where we need to be 💛