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"Inside the Chaos, Build a Temple of Love"

Veronika Polaskova


“Inside the chaos, build a temple of love.” (by Rune Lazuli) 💛

These beautiful words have been my dear companion along my road lately 🙏 do my best to connect to that place within which is full of love, calmness and peace no matter what’s going on in my life…to keep giving to the world around me because how much love we give, whatever we project out will always come back in one way or another…and not to forget to give to myself too…because if we can build a temple of love within, we can give from an authentic place with so much generosity and ease…❤

So if you haven’t seen me here lately, it’s because I have been spending time giving to myself…more time outside among the flowers 🌸, blossoming trees 🌳, breathing the fresh mountain air 🌄, walking in the rain 🌧, running in the bush 🌿, gazing at the sky 🌈…and smiling at the world 😊…if you are a nature lover, you know what I mean…it’s hard to sit in front of the computer when there’s so much life happening outdoors…aww, I’m loving the mountains…how much the nature provides without wanting anything in return…some great lessons to be learnt there…🌱

I promise you’ll hear from me again soon…some new happenings at Tree Love Yoga, stay tuned for another post coming your way…until then, keep giving and loving, the world will thank you in a generous way ☯🕉☮