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"Nature Does Not Hurry, Yet Everything Is Accomplished"

Veronika Polaskova


“Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished” (by Lao Tzu) 💕 I came across this beautiful quote a few months ago on a friend’s Instagram page I follow (thank you @julesbee_photography 🌿) and as a nature lover and someone who is trying to live with the flow of life, it has been a nice reminder…🌞

For me, it means giving life a bit of slack and know that things will happen when they are meant to…in our human society we tend to create our own artificial rules when things are supposed to start and finish, what is wrong and right…and to some extent they are helpful but at some point I feel we have to let go of some of that structure so that we can find ourselves and breathe in between all the guidelines and instructions for life…

I love returning to nature 🌸💚…she’s kind and generous…the true example and reminder of the harmony of different life forms, of providing without wanting anything in return, the peaceful wise friend that always welcomes you with open arms and tells you, “you are enough” 🌼

A mountain cliff this morning, what a special place to practice yoga at 🌄 welcome a new day with the sun rising, listening to the silence, the breeze and birds chirping…flowing with the breath and loving life for what it is…😊💜

Vinyasa flow yoga this week🧘🌞:

🔸Wednesday 6-7pm Medlow Bath (12 St Albans Rd)
🔸Friday 9-10am Medlow Bath (12 St Albans Rd)
🔸Saturday 9-10am Blackheath (Blackheath Fitness Centre, Cnr Prince George St & Clanwilliam St)