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All that effort is worth it, if it means more love in this world...

Veronika Polaskova


Cheeky kiss to a cheeky boy 🐶😘…this fur kid, Nico, has been stealing my heart 💕…we share a cheeky attitude to life, playfulness, the love of nature, morning and afternoon walks…and the love of yoga 🧘 (of course!!!)…my self-practices at home are filled with kisses from this huge 44kg boy, his paws all over my body, he falling asleep on my mat (or in my lap) and me dragging him away because there’s not that much room left when he decides to lie down and fall asleep there…he has been a bright ray of happiness in my life 💛, helping me to heal the hole in my heart after my first fur kid Hongi left Earthside three years ago…

Our animal friends are such beautiful creatures…I am trying to be gentle to all the animal visitors of “our” house and “our” garden…lizards 🦎, spiders 🕷️, caterpillars and the occasional cockroach…I am so happy that I can share a piece of this world with them and the love of life…the sun, the sky, the Earth🌏…I feel there is still so much for us to understand about how much animals can feel and perceive, how they communicate, how amazingly intelligent and compassionate beings they are 💟

My yoga teaching journey started with a shift in my diet also…I decided to go back to be a vegetarian and a few months later, particularly thanks to a beautiful girl @kalishantii who I met at my first yoga teacher training and who inspired me to do so, I have become a vegan…I have been a vegan for 4.5 years now and I feel happy to have made that choice, not only for me but also for all the animals out there…I feel I have a choice every day to cherish another life and I don’t want to take it away…☮️

It’s been a huge journey and not an easy one either…I slipped a few times from being a vegan to being a vegetarian but last year and half, I haven’t touched any animal products (and I’m really proud of myself 😊)…it hasn’t been about giving up things I loved but finding vegan alternatives which are as tasty and often much healthier…

Some things take time to change…some years…but I feel all that effort is worth it, if it means more love in this world, more selflessness…acknowledgement of different life forms to be really SEEN and treated with fairness 🌼