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"Never give up on something you really want!"

Veronika Polaskova


“Never give up on something you really want! It’s difficult to wait, but worse to regret!!!” (inspiring words by a super strong yogi gal @evadiamantopoulou I follow…she’s amazing! 🧘💪)

What is it that you have been putting on the back burner because you feel you don’t want to fight anymore?...because you don’t trust yourself that you can still go out there and achieve great things?…that you can make a difference in this life…for yourself and for others?

I am sure there are things on your dream list and maybe you feel hesitant like me to put in all the work and see where it will lead you…maybe you feel there are things you would like to experience but are unsure if they are really aligned with your lifestyle and values and you keep being stuck, like me, trying bits and pieces of everything…maybe your dreams seem so far from achieving and the whole process of getting there seems so overwhelming that you unconsciously decide not to move forward…🙄

Just know that you are not alone…I feel most of us (if not all of us) experience in life periods of less clarity, of being stuck, of no direction, of not being inspired…that’s me right now…the harsh truth but what would be the point if I couldn’t even be honest with myself…🌼

I find stepping aside, taking some time off, from everything for a few days always helps me to reflect on what is going on and to make the right choices about the path I want to follow…to meditate more, to do more yoga…to write things down, to digest things, to plan…that always helps…so while I will be teaching all classes as normal this week (and I am genuinely looking forward to seeing you all, you and my classes are such a vital part of who I am 😊), I will be taking next week off (8th-14th April) and will exchange the green power of the mountains 🌄 for the blue vastness of the sea 🌅

I hope you too are taking care of yourself and filling your tank with things that nourish you 🌿 and make you thrive 🌞 Namaste 🙏💛