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Why kindness and love are sometimes so hard to openly “show”?

Veronika Polaskova


I am thinking how strange it is that we live in the world where what should seem natural and easy often isn’t. How many times did you catch yourself wanting to do something kind and beautiful for another person, someone you maybe barely knew, yet your doubts and how your act might have been perceived by that person or others made to stop you? How many times you wanted to say to someone how beautiful person they seemed to be to you or how much you appreciated them being in your life but in the end you didn't? Why kindness and love are things that are sometimes so hard to openly “show”? Or is it that we live our lives so much for ourselves that we have stopped caring? Same as with abundance of everything else, do we take people in our lives too much for granted, believing that they will never leave or that there will be always new people coming into our lives? How many breaths do we still need to take to realize that our lives keep moving forward and that one day there will be our last breath left and we won’t have time to tell to the people we've loved and cared about that we always have? There is always a risk that there might not be ready to “welcome” the kindness or love we feel for them. But what is a bigger loss? Losing a face in front of people who are not ready to be a part of our lives or losing the opportunity to create some beautiful deep connections with people who would love to walk along but maybe we don’t create an opportunity for them to join us? Life should be rich, deep and blissful but how much do we give from ourselves to find that richness? I hope enough…🙏😊💜